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Dental Crowns in Philadelphia from Drs. Porter and Carroll PC

Crowns are the universal standard for restoring teeth after trauma or root canal therapy. Our doctors, Peter Carroll, DDS and Stanley Porter, DDS, provide crowns that are designed to make your smile uniform and comfortable. Patients who have dental issues due to decay or accidents receive restorative care to relieve discomfort and regain full use of your smile. If you’re in need of restorative dental treatments with crowns, consider our Northeast Philadelphia practice, near Lawncrest and Rockledge. 

Benefits of Zirconia Crowns

Crowns offer patients a wide range of benefits, from improving how the smile looks to long-lasting dental function. Our crowns are made from zirconia, a crystalline material that offers the durability of crystal with the polished translucency of natural teeth. The material’s resilience ensures patients will be able to put their restoration through daily wear without fear of damage. Not only do these crowns appear to be part of your natural smile, but they are designed to last a lifetime. It’s important that patients protect their oral health with regular brushing and flossing, as this protects teeth from decay which can erode structures supporting your crowns. 

How You Receive Crowns

After root canal therapy, decay removal, or other procedures, Drs. Porter and Carroll will measure your tooth and prepare the surface to receive a crown. Then, your Philadelphia dentists take an impression of the tooth or teeth in question and send the molds to a dental lab. At this time, patients usually have a temporary crown or filling to cover the tooth until their custom restoration is ready. The finished product will then be placed on another visit, and the crown is further polished and formed to fit the smile perfectly. 

Leave Behind those Metal Crowns

At our practice, we emphasize quality services with safe materials. Crowns and restorations are always metal-free and will be made to look as natural as possible. If you have an amalgam or metal crown, chances are mercury or nickel was used to create the restoration. If you have a metal crown, visit our Philadelphia practice and have it checked out. If we find an issue with it, we can gently remove it and replace it with a custom zirconia crown. Not only does this protect your oral health with body-safe materials, but also enhances the aesthetic of your teeth. 

For Your Crown Needs, Contact Our Practice

Drs. Porter and Carroll are passionate about helping patients obtain a beautiful smile they can be proud of. Call us today for an appointment, and see how a zirconia crown can improve your oral health. 

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