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Denture Services in Philadelphia, PA from Drs. Porter and Carroll PC

Our Philadelphia practice helps adults and seniors replace their missing teeth utilizing custom dentures and partials. Stanley M. Porter, DDS and Peter J. Carroll, DDS are our compassionate dentists that wish to restore a comfortable bite and make your smile functional again. When patients lose teeth or have them extracted, it’s crucial to replace them for continued oral health. Whether you’re missing a few teeth throughout the smile or whole rows, our doctors provide expert denture care allowing patients to have a full smile. 

Restoring Daily life with Dentures

Drs. Porter and Carroll are experienced in providing denture care, helping patients rebuild dental function to pursue daily life. We understand the difficulties individuals face when they lose teeth, from developing an abnormal bite, speaking difficulties, to not having confidence in the smile. It’s the passion of our dental team to restore that lost confidence and ability with custom dentures and tooth replacement solutions. As your Somerton family dentist, we help patients obtain a beautiful smile and their best oral health. 

Offering a Range of Dental Services

We provide fully custom dentures, matching the appliance to individual size, shape, and needs. After tooth loss, it’s important to have a denture that fits the mouth properly for full comfort. As the smile changes over time, we will adjust the denture or partial denture as needed. We also offer denture repair whenever issues arise with your appliance.

Bridges: Bridges fill gaps throughout the smile, or when teeth are missing in a row. These are affixed to the smile using a metal framework, or utilize existing teeth for support. If you are missing more than one tooth, this appliance will fill those gaps and restore full oral health. 

Dentures: Fashioned with an acrylic base and artificial teeth, a denture replaces whole arches that no longer have teeth. Dentures comprehensively restore dental function and are removable, enhancing their convenience. We match the acrylic lining and artificial teeth to the complexion of your gums and dentition, making sure the smile appears as natural as possible. The teeth themselves can be made with acrylic or porcelain, depending on personal preference. 

Implant-Supported Dentures

Dental implants provide patients a way to permanently replace teeth and support jaw bone structure. Implant posts are placed into the jaw bone and fuse, creating a permanent foundation upon which restorations and prostheses can be placed. Drs. Porter and Carroll provide these restorations in the forms of implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures. Designed to be long-lasting, these restorations will ensure patients have a comfortable, permanent smile. 

Adults and Seniors: Contact our Philadelphia Practice 

Our dental practice is committed to the full restoration of our patients’ oral health. If you live near Lawncrest or Rockledge, consider our practice for your denture needs. Call Drs. Porter and Carroll for an appointment, today!

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