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Dental lasers are an advanced technology that can greatly improve the quality of dental care patients receive. Drs. Stanley Porter and Peter Carroll are skilled in utilizing laser dentistry as a way to enhance many proven treatments. In particular, the WaterLase® dental technology available at our practice is safe for use on both hard and soft tissues and grants increased precision to our procedures. At our Philadelphia practice near Lawncrest and Somerton, patients can receive comfortable and efficient treatment from the laser dental procedures we perform.

Comfortable Dental Treatments

What makes WaterLase® so unique is its versatility and ability to deliver comfortable care. Using a combination of air, water, and laser energy, this device safely and efficiently removes decayed or diseased tissues. During these procedures, a constant stream of water keeps the affected area hydrated and prevents heat generation, giving patients the benefits of less invasive treatment. As part of its minimally invasive, highly effective approach, patients receiving dental laser treatment may not require local anesthesia, and often experience quicker recovery times.

WaterLase® can be utilized for many procedures, including:

  • Cavity Treatment
  • Periodontal Therapy
  • Benign Tumor Removal

We can also perform root canal therapy and crown lengthening procedures with WaterLase®. Our dental laser reduces the discomfort often associated with root canal therapy while also providing substantial reduction of dental decay. When patients require crown lengthening for cosmetic or restorative reasons, WaterLase® permits doctors to adjust gum lines without using cutting instruments or sutures, allowing a more comfortable experience.

As with all of our procedures, our Philadelphia dental team will take time to examine your dental condition to ensure WaterLase® treatment is truly beneficial for your oral health.

Is WaterLase® Right for Me?

Laser dentistry allows Drs. Stanley Porter and Peter Carroll to accommodate patients who require more sensitive care. WaterLase® lasers are able to treat teeth and gum tissue without producing friction, promoting less discomfort from procedures as a result. In addition, our laser operates with little to no noise, allowing patients to enjoy a more relaxing experience as their dental issues are comprehensively addressed.

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Serving Somerton, Lawncrest, and Rockledge our dentists are passionate about helping patients feel comfortable with their dental care. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of treatment with WaterLase®, give us a call today to schedule an appointment, or use our online appointment request form.  

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