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Obtaining a bright smile can be a challenge, and sometimes our teeth need help to be whiter. Drs. Porter and Carroll, PC offer professional teeth whitening services in Philadelphia. We help our patients achieve a more beautiful smile, and tailor teeth whitening treatment to achieve the look our patients want.

If you’re looking to improve the appearance of your teeth, contact our practice today. We provide teeth whitening services to areas near Lawncrest, Rockledge, and Somerton. 

Why Teeth Whitening?

Some patients don’t have the bright smile they wish to have, even with good oral health habits. Tooth whitening gives patients the chance to have the smile they want, without turning to extensive procedures. It’s an easy and comfortable treatment, requiring no anesthetic or invasive operation. 

With our experienced dentists, Drs. Stanley M. Porter and Peter J. Carroll, patients receive customized and gentle treatment. After an initial appointment, patients will receive custom-made trays, the tooth whitening bleach, and be shown exactly what to do.

Convenient and Quality Teeth Whitening in Philadelphia

Our dentists are committed to helping patients whiten their teeth to achieve their best smile yet. Patients will be shown how to apply the tooth whitening bleach properly, and walked through the treatment process from beginning till end. The custom-made trays ensure teeth are fully exposed to gel, offering deep and comprehensive whitening.

We offer take-home whitening so patients can be in full control of the process, allowing them to decide how white they wish their smile to be. We utilize only high-quality tooth bleaching gel and fashion the custom trays in our dental office. Our practice doesn’t leave anything to chance when it comes to our patients’ care, and Drs. Porter and Carroll are committed to providing high-quality treatment and constant support when patients are looking to improve their oral health or appearance. 

Keeping the Smile White

To avoid further teeth staining, it’s important to maintain a teeth whitening routine as directed. Additionally, following good oral health guidelines will help maintain your newfound brightness. Be mindful of certain food and drink that contribute to tooth staining, as well as tobacco use. Sugary foods, dark beverages, and tobacco products affect the brightness of your smile, but the effects can easily be controlled by limiting their intake. 

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If you want to brighten the smile with professional materials and assistance, reach out to us. We can provide the thorough tooth whitening care that over-the-counter brands cannot. Our gentle dentists give our Philadelphia patents personal attention and individualized care. Call us today!

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